Check Your Advertising Videos First to Save Costs!

IrisCreative Team2023.07.27

When reviewing game ads, do you know which data is associated with game installation? It's the Cost Per Install (CPI). CPI refers to the amount of money spent when a user views an advertisement, resulting in game installation. Therefore, the lower the CPI, the more people can install the game with less advertising expense. Understanding which video elements can help decrease the CPI and which ones to avoid incorporating into your creative is crucial. Based on our experience, I'll provide some helpful tips on effectively reducing the CPI in your game in this blog post.

1. Avoid using backgrounds that are overly colorful or cluttered with too many objects.

When it comes to advertising videos, it's essential to ensure viewers understand how to play the game. Including too many design elements can distract the viewer from focusing on the gameplay. This is exemplified by Popcorn Pop! creative videos below.



In (A)'s creative video, only basic objects are against a monochrome background. On the other hand, (B) has a colorful background and various additional objects. However, popcorn, the most important object, is not noticeable in (B). Complex backgrounds and objects can interfere with the viewer's attention, making them less interested in the game's core gameplay or simply what it is about. Therefore, keeping the background simple and reducing the number of objects in the creative video is better. This will help the viewer understand the game video better and increase their likelihood of downloading it. By removing colorful backgrounds and complex objects in Popcorn Pop!'s creative work, the CPI was reduced by around 47%.

2. Removing the UI is more effective in lowering the CPI.

Have you ever paid close attention to game advertisements' user interface(UI)? A UI's presence or absence is one factor affecting the CPI. Often, ads are created without UI so that viewers can concentrate solely on the game's primary content.



The example above demonstrates the correlation between CPI, backgrounds and UI in the game Perfect Cone. The first example, (A), is a clean video with no UI or intricate background. On the other hand, example (B) features a graph paper-like background and multiple UIs. The creative video in (B) includes too many elements in one scene, making it difficult for viewers to focus on the gameplay during a brief advertisement. In contrast, the ad video in (A) enhances viewer concentration by excluding all UI elements and showcasing the primary gameplay - drawing content. Consequently, we reduced CPI by approximately 43% with the inventive approach in (A). To ensure video viewers don't miss out on crucial game content, removing any colorful backgrounds and UI is best. This allows the viewer to focus entirely on the important content without distractions.

3. One way to improve CPI is to use bright color backgrounds that have good contrast against objects.

Which color do you choose when selecting the background color for a video? It is recommended to opt for bright colors. By incorporating bright colors in the background, you can achieve contrast with the primary object, which can effectively reduce the CPI.



The videos above feature two different backgrounds: bright blue (A) and dark (B). When the object and background colors are too similar, like in (B), the background becomes more prominent than the main object, bullets and bricks. However, video (A) uses a bright background which allows the viewer to focus on the main object, bullets, quickly and simultaneously creates a contrast with the bricks. As a result, using the bright sky-blue background led to a 49% lower CPI for the game compared to using a colorful or dark background.

4. Create a sense of curiosity in the viewer to incite their interest in playing the game.

When advertising your game, it's important to showcase its best features without giving away too much. To generate interest and encourage downloads, offering a sneak peek of your game's most appealing aspects is a wise choice.

The method used in Match Gun 3D was to expose the prize the player can obtain at the end of the run. The main character fails to reach the award in the creative video example above. The point of the video was to make the viewer wonder what would happen if they got the big golden gun at the end of the road. Even if you don't have unique objects in the actual game, it's a good idea to include elements that stimulate the viewers' curiosity in the advertising video.


When creating a video, you must ask yourself if the viewer can quickly identify the game's core gameplay. Pay attention to the layout and design of the background and objects to ensure a positive impact on CPI. To create compelling videos, consider implementing the four tips mentioned earlier and strive to produce a variety of creative videos options.

The creative team at MondayOFF assists studios and developers in producing CPI videos that capture the essence of their games and entice viewers to download them. We are always available to provide additional guidance and helpful tips to enhance the quality of your creative videos and keep CPI low. Visit our blog page for more insights!