We're back with exciting news! MondayOFF has reached 200 million downloads!

KellyHuman Resources2023.07.12

MondayOFF was founded in 2018 as the first hyper-casual game developer in South Korea. As of summer 2023, the total number of downloads in 60 countries worldwide has exceeded 200 million! 🎉 In light of this achievement, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the top three most downloaded games from MondayOFF.

The first game with the highest number of downloads is Like a Pizza. 🍕 It was launched in May 2022 and already accounts for more than 10% of the total downloads in just over a year.

Like a Pizza

Like a Pizza is an idle arcade game that emphasizes growth, resource accumulation, and expansion through simple joystick controls. The idle arcade genre is characterized by the absence of "failure" in stages, resulting in extended playtime and high retention rates. Players enjoy running their business by selling pizza, expanding their store with profits, and hiring part-time employees.

Gun Head Run

The second most downloaded game, Gun Head Run, is a runner game that was released in June of last year. This hyper-casual game features a stickman with a gun in place of its head, firing bullets as it runs through gates and obstacles. The player acquires various types of guns and shells as they run and try to get through the most obstacles to earn the most amount of money. The success of the game comes from its intuitive gameplay, which uses simple side-to-side controls and easy-to-understand graphics.

Wacky Jelly

Wacky Jelly, our third most downloaded game, was released in June 2021. The game starts with an object spinning at the top, and the player needs to aim the object at an exact location to win. In true hyper-casual fashion, each stage offers a different challenge through the same game mechanic. This is what makes it an addictive game that has remained relevant for a long time.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the users who have downloaded and played our games, and to our studio team and partner studios for the amazing games we have published so far! If you are a studio looking to publish your next hit, head to our dashboard now.

Translation : Dahlia