Top 3 Mistakes Made by Hyper Casual Developers

Alejandra CaceresPublishing Team2021. 11. 10

1. Not creating a simple prototype for early testing.

Many times developers take very long to create a prototype, and this is understandable. As a developer, it is easy to get carried away when creating the best game possible as you pictured it on your mind. It is crucial to test your game in its early stage to see if it is worth completing and if the audience enjoys it. An early test will also allow you to know what needs to be changed on your gameplay and see which colors players like the most. All of this crucial information is obtained on the first tests.

Also, now more than ever, quickly making a game based on a social media or pop culture trend is critical. As seen in the recent charts creating a game at the correct time allows you to be at the top. For this very reason, it is crucial to test your game in its early stage or develop a prototype in a short amount of time.

2. Perfecting the design and forgetting about the gameplay.

This is another common mistake made in the early phases of Hyper casual game development. Many times, developers get very absorbed in the game design and every aspect of it. When creating a prototype, make sure to focus on the gameplay and its mechanics. The gameplay and mechanics are what make your game special. After the prototype and testing it, you can fix the small details that you wish to add. Just remember to keep it simple at first and not overcrowd your game since it can be overwhelming for the player. Focus on the gameplay first- the details come later.

3. Giving up on Hyper casual after failing a couple of times.

In Hyper casual, many prototypes will fail, especially since this market moves so fast and trends change almost every week. Only one out of 100 games will make it to the tops charts. For this very reason, you should not give up on developing games quickly. You must try again and see what works. One day, your game will become a success and eventually be at the top charts steadily.

Of course, it is discouraging for your game to not do well on tests and have to start from zero. As a Hyper casual developer, you never know if your next prototype test will succeed. Also, just because the first testing did not do as well as expected, it does not mean you have to give up on your previous prototype. With testing and feedback from your publisher, you can improve your game to have a promising result.

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