Basics of Hyper-casual Game Creation

Alejandra CaceresPublishing Team2022.02.03

If you are reading this, you are probably thinking about developing Hyper casual games. This article will cover what you need to know and do before creating your first Hyper-casual game and hopefully make a hit!

Develop your core game mechanic

The core gameplay is one of the essential characteristics of Hyper-casual. A good idea for those new developers is to create a runner; this is one of the most straightforward and fun to make. 

The top mechanics for runners are

  • Slide
  • Drag
  • Swipe
  • Multiply
  • Tap
  • Stacking
  • Growing

Try to keep only one type of mechanic on your game so the player does not become overwhelmed. It is essential to choose a mechanic that you know it’s intuitive and easy for the player. 

Keep it Simple

When designing the game, you must keep it as simple as possible. Try not to get too excited with obstacles or add too much on the road, especially on a runner. In Hyper-casual, the players want to stay focused and feel rewarded when winning. If a game is too complicated, the player will most likely drop the game out of frustration. Keep your game simple, a bit challenging, fun, and engaging.

 Make Your Main Character the Highlight

Just like keeping it simple, the player must focus on one object. By making the main character stand out more than the rest of the other objects, the player will know that this is the center of focus. You could have different aspects of the game, such as doors or items that could change your main character, for example, making it stronger, bigger, stacking things, or changing its clothes or overall image. Make sure that your character is visible and the player knows what to manage and what exactly they should do when looking at your main character.


Give Big Rewards

Our previous blog post highlighted the importance of visual rewards, which is a must when designing your first Hyper-casual game. You want the player to stay engaged and feel rewarded every time they finish a level. Always keep your player in the loop for more; this will increase your game retention and give you more chances of having a hit game. Rewards can also be obtained with your character design when it slightly changes or gets an object that immediately changes it for the better. 


When creating your first Hyper-casual game, no one expects you to make the perfect game. A good practice is to recreate these games and understand their mechanics and details. The key is to stay updated with the top charts and Hyper-casual trends and obtain inspiration from current games or create your original idea. 

At MondayOFF, we have the tools to help you create an awesome Hyper-casual game. We care about those new to Hyper-casual development, and we give you tools and feedback for the development of your game. Contact us for more information.