How to Generate Successful Hyper-casual Game Ideas

Alejandra CaceresPublishing Team2022.02.07

When creating a new game, most of us become stuck in the first part, generating a successful game idea. It is essential to know how to have ideas that can be successful for your game creation. In this blog post, you will find out how to avoid a game idea block and emerge a successful one.


1. Brainstorm new ideas

Brainstorming might be the first step to any idea creation- this can lead to creating a new concept with more detail and knowing the pros and cons of every idea. You can generate a lot of information from brainstorming and create a detailed plan that can go into your Hyper-casual game.

  When brainstorming, make sure to write down anything that comes into your mind. No idea is a bad idea when creating a Hyper-casual game. Make sure to ask your coworkers, friends, or even family about any notion of a game that they would like to play. Also, it is favorable to obtain the opinion of others, as long as it doesn’t take away the main essence from your game. 


2. Keep up with Social Media Trends

As a hyper-casual developer, you must stay up to date with the social media trends, especially TikTok trends. TikTok is the most used and downloaded social media platform of the past year, and there’s a new trend in the app every month.

When checking TikTok, take a look at the trending hashtags. These will give you information about the current trends and most popular songs. For example, right now some trends are “Euphoria” inspired make-up looks and drawing your face in an outline.

Don’t be afraid to explore other social media sites for more insight into what’s trending. You can use the information obtained from these social media sites to make your hyper-casual game more relatable to everyone. 


3. Check Game Top Charts

If you’re into hyper-casual games, you have to know what games are in the top charts. Learning this information will give you an idea of what people currently like, and which mechanics and designs have succeeded recently. Also, by staying up to date with the charts, you can obtain game ideas for future inspiration. It is hard to beat the classic themes, but you can always create your twist on them to make them more engaging.

You can make your game idea by mixing trending game themes and using a mechanic that is proven to work. Remember to keep your game ideas creative yet straightforward and original.

4. Last but Not Least- Don’t Stress!

Just because ideas are not directly flowing into your brain, it does not mean that you can’t have a good game idea or that you are not creative enough. Make sure to relax and not force out a picture out of nowhere. Please do some research and consult with others. The idea you are looking for might come out the least when you expect it.

So relax and write down any idea that might come up!

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