Top Hypercasual Trends of October and November

Alejandra CaceresPublishing Team2021.11.12

In past October and November, the hyper-casual game industry has noticed the unfolding of new genres that have worked for the global community. Even though these game genres were not as prominent before, the audience has recently loved them. Not only these but mechanics and themes have steadily stayed in the charts, and multi mechanic options have become more popular on action and hyper-compacted games.

Classic Genres and Outbreaking New Ones for This Month

The genres that have always stayed steady for hyper-casual games are runner, simulation, and puzzle games. These genres never go out of trend since they are a classic in hyper-casual development and their ability to make so many different types of games within these sub-genres.

In these past two months, hyper-compact (games that are a mixture of simulation with a story and many mini games within it), and action (high precision and focus on the gameplay) have increased in popularity. Especially, when it comes to games in which you can choose your own story. With the rise of the popularity of Squid Game, many action games climbed up the charts. It was incredible to see that one show could create such a big influence in popular culture and, at that, the gaming community.

In the future, it is forecasted for hyper-compact games and themed games to develop even more. So, it is crucial to stay up to date with the trends in popular culture as a developer. Of course it is advised to stay alert with copyright.

Trending Control Mechanics and Upcoming Trends

It is a known rule that for hyper-casual games, simple and intuitive mechanics are a must. For this very reason, the most popular control mechanics that have stayed steady are slide, drag, tap, and hold. Not only that, but those controls mechanic stays the same for the whole game, the reason why we can call them hyper-casual.

Nowadays, multi-control mechanics have increased in popularity. As seen in the chart, “multi options” is the most popular mechanic as of now. An example of multi options is a mixture of slide and tap or drag and tap. This type of mechanic is popular in hyper-compact and action games with multiple mini-games in them. Now in the hyper-casual industry, having a diverse of mini-games within one game is becoming a trend. We can see this with games such as Survival Games Challenge by Linqsoft Ltd., as the game progresses the controllers change depending on the mini game. This specific game is an example of the on going trend right now of hyper-compact and the use of pop culture references.

Top trendy Games and Uprising Ones

In the top charts, there are always those games that stay up in the top 20. Bridge Race by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, Arrow Fest by Rollic Games, and Water Sort Puzzle by IEC GLOBAL PTY LTD are a few of the games that whenever looking at the top charts are always there! These games have the most popular mechanics for sure and are very simple yet entertaining. Whenever a developer creates a game, their goal is for their game to stay in the top charts, such as these hyper-casual classics.

In another way, the games Stone Miner by ZPlay, Flex Run by Voodoo, and Traffic Cop by Kwalee have stayed steadily in the top charts for these past two months. These types of games are not as common, especially Stone Miner and Traffic Cop. Hyper-compact games have become highly popular due to the number of mini-games within the game, making the player feel like they are playing multiple games in one while keeping the same theme and storyline. Meanwhile, Flex Run is a mixture between a runner and a puzzle game, making the player think quickly to have the correct poses at the right time.

Action games with multiple mechanics are popular this season due to the success of “Squid Game” even after two months of its release, these games are still in the top charts. It makes publishers confirm that pop culture trends do make an impact on the gaming industry.

In the future, it is expected for more hyper-compact games with multiple options to become more popular due to their recent success. Make sure to stay up with the popular culture and don’t be afraid to create something that is not within the usual, maybe you could create the next trend!

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