How to Know Your Game is Doing Well According to Metrics

Leslie OleschPublishing Team2021.11.15

As a Developer, when finishing up your prototype and preparing for a soft launch, it is crucial to understand the metrics involved in the testing stage. CPI, Retention, and eCPM are key metrics that show how the audience accepts your game and its potential for making it to the top charts. In this blog, you will learn to understand these metrics to know if your hyper-casual game is doing well in the market.

1. The Famous CPI

CPI (Cost Per Install) is one of the most important metrics when it comes to the soft launch of your game. A low CPI shows that your hyper-casual game is actively being downloaded when an ad campaign is demonstrated to the public. A CPI of $0.35c is favorable and a sign to keep working on your game. Of course, the lower the CPI, the better!


When testing your game, Retention varies depending on the days. When it comes to soft launch, D-1 RET is extremely important. On the first day, the Retention shows if the players like the gameplay. A RET of over 45% demonstrates that the game is promising, and players highly enjoy the core gameplay. On the first day, if the RET is less than 30%, then the gameplay must be improved for higher RET and better CPI. For that reason, it is crucial to focus on the gameplay of your game when developing your prototype.

Retention might be the most significant metric when it comes to game testing. Without this metric, you can't know if the audience favors your game and its potential in the market. It can also tell you why and when the players stopped playing for you to improve the game.

3. Last but NOT Least, The eCPM

The eCPM (Effective Cost Per Mille) is another metric often not spoken about, but it shows the revenue you have made per 1,000 impressions. Of course, knowing this can be super exciting but also disheartening. If your game is doing well, then the revenue will cover the Effective Cost Per Mille. This metric allows the developer to understand how much they will get paid per 1,000 impressions and for the publisher to know how much they should spend per 1,000 impressions. The goal is for the ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) to be more than 100%.

As a developer, it is crucial to know all these metrics to understand how well your game is doing. With the help of your publisher, you will be able to understand the metrics and what to do to improve your game to bring it to the next level.

At MondayOFF, we care about the KPI’s of our partners and give opportunities for improvement. We believe in the potential of your game and will listen to you while also providing aid and feedback. With the help of our publishing managers, as a developer, you will know everything you need for your game to be the next big hit!