Discover life of mellow

Leslie OleschPublishing Team2023. 08. 23

MondayOFF is branching out! After many released games in the hyper-casual genre, we are ready to look for new challenges and areas to explore. With lots of hard work and the unlimited creativity of our development teams, we came out with a game that is entirely different from anything we have worked on before.

With our newest game, Life of Mellow, we have ventured into the Strategy/Simulation genre for the first time. The idea is clear: Build a Mellow village, let more Mellows join you, and expand as much as you can. Of course, to make all this possible, the Mellows have to have their basic needs met: They need housing, food, and happy life to work hard on their village expansion.

There are many things to do at the Mellow Village. You can mine, farm, gather, craft, and set up buildings such as schools and churches to keep your Mellows happy and safe. It might sound peaceful and relaxing, but don't be fooled by these cute marshmallow-looking creatures walking about the village - Managing your resources and taking care of the Mellows' wellbeing is certainly not an easy task! With winter's biting cold just around the corner and infectious viruses sneaking in, it won't be easy to survive all the dangers lingering in the dark.

Micromanage your way to the top - from 3 Mellows to 15, to 50! How many seasons will you survive? Only the sky is the limit in the adorable world of Mellows. Check it out now!

Life of Mellow